GU10 Bulbs and Energy Efficiency

A lot of people are concerned about their energy consumption nowadays. Electricity isn't free, and what's more it causes damage to the environment through the burning of fossil fuels. As a result of this desire to reduce energy consumption, more and more people are turning to the latest in lighting technology. LED (or Light Emitting Diode) bulbs are only just making their way onto the consumer market, and are more energy efficient than standard halogen bulbs, reducing the impact on the environment and on your wallet. Some of the newer models with GU10 mounts only need 2 watts to work!

The change is a gradual one - the whole world isn't just going to start using these bulbs overnight - but the more people that start to make the change the better. Though GU10 LED bulbs can cost more than halogen bulbs, they can help you save money in the long run due to their higher energy efficiency, and their longer lifespan. The bulbs are designed specifically to be similar in shape and size to traditional halogen bulbs, so the transition can be made quickly and easily with as little fuss as possible.

\"Energy Efficiency\"

There are a few differences in the kind of light that LED and halogen bulbs produce, e.g. whereas halogen bulbs create a wide ray of light, LED bulbs create more of a focused beam. This makes GU10 LED bulbs ideal for focused lighting, but you have to take the differences into account when making the change. If you can get used to a more concentrated beam of light, make the change, but you may want to keep the wider beam of the halogen bulbs.

GU10 Bulbs and Energy Efficiency

As GU10 LED bulb use is still relatively a novel concept the output of the bulbs is still being improved but at the moment you do need to be aware that if you are looking for a higher light output then you will be required to pay extra for this. However, the extremely long life of LED bulbs will make up for this as you won't need to replace them as often as standard halogen ones. With LED light bulbs the old saying "you get what you pay for" really does apply.

Like standard halogen bulbs, LED light bulbs are available in a range of different colours so that they are useful for use in special purpose lighting. The colour is created by using filters and this actually improves the energy efficiency of the bulbs in comparison to a standard white light. So if you need different coloured lights for a special occasion then LED bulbs really are the way forward!

It is thought that low energy light bulbs such as LED bulbs actually use less than 20% of the energy of a standard halogen bulb and they even last up to 15 times longer. They are also a lot more durable than conventional bulbs as there are no glass tubes or anything to break and the internal parts are all resistant to vibration and impact.

If you are looking to lower your electricity bills and look after the environment at the same time then making the switch over to LED bulbs is a complete no-brainer!

GU10 Bulbs and Energy Efficiency

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